Documentation request

In this archive you will find all technical documents of our units. However, sometimes the serial number label could be damaged, unreadable or simply missing and this will prevent you from finding the right documents.
If that is the case, please fill the following form and our service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Since the internal configuration of hardware and software of each unit depends on many different factors, it’s important for us to retrieve as much information as possible to identify it without possibility of error. If you know the serial number please use our search field on the ┬áHome page.
If you already tried to do a serial number search but you still have some doubts or questions please take a look at the Frequently Asked Question section before contacting us with the form below, maybe you can find your aswers there.
Enter here the name of the model, ex: ED 144 or CHW 21
This code can be found on the technical data label, usually on the back panel (if present)
Insert the purchase date, even if you can't be specific only year and month will be useful
Depending on the type of product, write down its performance and the unit of measurement used
Please write here every other information that can be useful to identify the unit such as special options or accessories or any customizations